A Collaboration with Melissa de Vos and Chiyen Lam. Our goal was to come up with an innovative, fresh concept for a store. This store would have to be able to succeed in Schiedam, a small town near Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

These are pictures of our concept and the look of the pop-up-store-for-a-day we created for our presentation.
The interior of our store and our collection came together in collaboration with lots of local businesses. Our thanks go out to all of them.

Our interior was sponsored by the following locals.
/ plants
Rosa Bloemsierkunst + Zahra Bloemen en Planten
/ furnitures
Interieur Le Marché + De Vintageloods + Brocanterie de Koffiemolen
/ catering
Taarten Walhalla – The Cake Shop Schiedam

Our collection was sponsored by the following locals.
/ bags
Hobbyiaan Handwerkcentrum Schiedam / Martine Scheide
/ fabrics
Stof Studioshop

We thank brokery Van der Eijk for allowing us to, for a little while, take over the beautiful location at the Hoogstraat 149 in Schiedam.

We are a pop-up-store that won’t disappear on you. Every month, we will switch themes, so we’ll keep evolving and keep our customers interested. We transform the ‘Negen Straatjes’ from Amsterdam into the Nine Alleys of Schiedam (negen steegjes). In every alley, you will find another part of our store. Among other things, you will find a menswear-store in one alley and one for the ladies in the next. We will divide our alleys in categories, for customers to shop more efficiently. Our collection consists of mens/womenswear, kids, books, café/food, makeup and bodycare, accessories (bags, shoes) and interior design.

The theme, which changes every month, will be inspired by fruit, focussing on color. The first theme we will be working with is the pomegranate.