A concept based on the contrast between the possibilities in the old days & now.
Inspired by historical Dutch fisherman’s guernsey and my grandpa, who chose his own direction going on board a merchant ship, but became a number being a marine.
With the message of choosing your own journey, not according to someone else’s map.

Design & photography: Eline Groen.

For this project, I dove into the symbolics and techniques of historical Dutch fishermen’s guernsey and combined it with my own grandfather’s background.

As a former marine and sailor on a merchant ship, he traveled the world. Inspired by the historical knitting-techniques and pieces of my grandfather’s uniform, I created my own knitting-technique to form the base of my design: a fisherman’s guernsey – 2.0.

Ship tracking data and a map that showed every single place my grandfather sailed to inspired me to create a new map. By using a punch needle, I attached woolen tracks to the waves of the knitwear, incorporating the personal number my grandfather had as a marine, to form a new journey.

This video shows me, researching my grandfather’s background as a marine and sailor. Filmed by Lars Noback.

find it on youtube here