The New World Academy is an educational platform, established by artist Jonas Staal, in collaboration with BAK (Basis voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht, The Netherlands). The Academy invites stateless and revolutionary organisations to collaborate with artists and students and explore the role of art within the political battlefield.

The central theme within this project was to investigate the role of art within the development of alternative models of stateless democracy. Within my team, we explored the thin line between research journalism and artistic activism. Intrigued by the legislation around statelessness, we tested the disruptive question “Why do States detain the Stateless?”. Answers to this question from people and organisations connected to this matter have been brought to the public within an exhibition in BAK.

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Social Intervention is a response to the Dutch immigration policy. One objective of this policy is to ‘motivate aliens to cooperate voluntarily’ with their deportation. The policy authorises detention (up to 18 months) of those who refuse to leave the EU after their application for asylum has been denied.
Our project focusses specifically on the stateless vs. the state. The Dutch immigration policy, in essention, authorises violence of the Dutch state against stateless persons. We researched the precise construction of the Dutch immigration policy, European legislation on immigration and (independent) human rights (organisations). Next, we contacted a range of parties involved and asked them the following question:
“To what extent are people, who do not cooperate voluntarily with their own deportation, protected against violence employed by the State of the Netherlands?”
This question painfully exposed serious issues concerning this policy. Our research, that is, had already shown that there is no independent organ (within Europe/The Netherlands) that protects stateless against this sort of violence (of the Dutch state).