For the opening of the Maritime Museum’s exhibition ‘VETTE VISSERSTRUIEN‘, the secondyear fashionstudents of the WDKA were asked to show their pieces in a fashionshow, hosted by the museum itself.

I participated in this event with my design (A Collage Of Stereotypes) alongside a selected group of classmates.

The designers, from left to right:
Melissa de Vos, Eline Groen, Maud Claessens, Fay Klaassen, Charissa den Hollander, Raisa Ibrahim (back), Corlieske Visser (front), Dennis Bijleveld (back), Mouna Achak (front), Lennard Blok, Annebel de Kok.

Photography: courtesy of Maritiem Museum Rotterdam and Melanie van Zweeden.

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